• SAGE Capture
  • Technology : Microsoft .NET Azure C# / Front-End UI AngularJS, Bootstrap / OCR Tesserac/ Machine Learning

  • SAGE Paie, Ciel! Payroll – Declaration N4DS
  • SAGE-Ciel-N4DS
    Module de mutualisation Déclaratif Sociales N4DS des logiciels Ciel! et SAGE, supportant la nouvelle norme.
    La N4DS : « Norme pour les Déclarations Dématérialisées Des Données Sociales » est une évolution de la déclaration annuelle des données sociales unifiées (DADS-U) généralisable dès janvier 2012 pour les déclarations périodiques de salaires 2011 et pour toutes les entreprises.

    SAGE N4DS : 2011

    Technology : Microsoft .NET C# / ORM / Reporting Services, Janus

  • iPhone : NFL Clock
  • iPhone

    NFLCLock Super Bowl 2011 (National Football League) is a clock and alarm displaying in background your favorite American Football team and get you up to date of every in the Super Bowl .
    Will be available on AppleStore in february, for the Super Bowl 2011
    Technologie : Cocoa / Objective C

  • iPhone : KeepUP – WebSite monitoring
  • iPhone KeepUP

    KeepUP sur Apple Store

    Track websites’ uptime, and get alerts by PUSH Notification on your iPhone and/or email if they go down.

    Technology : Cocoa / Objective C
    Competitors :,,,

  • Natixis AM : Corporate WebSite

  • Natixis AM

    Natixis Expertises AM, : 2010-2011, corporate site of the French Bank, BPCE holding (Created from the merging of the “Banque Populaire” and the “Caisse d’Epargne”).

    Technology : Microsoft .NET C# 3.5 / MVC2
    iPhone compliant

  • Business Intelligence
  • Xtranormal / Pentaho: Business Intelligence : 2010
    Xtranormal is a powerful 3D engine and digital voices synthesizer able to create animated movies with the help of a few words. You write your dialogs : the engine is building the rendering.
    The Xtranormal software contains large masses of disparate data.
    We built a platform with Pentaho Suite , a datawareHouse with its Data Integration tools and ETL processes (ETL : Extraction, Transformation and Loading), to generate charts, statistics and export reports in numerous formats (MS Excel, RTF, Html, PDF, CVS).
    Objective : build a Dashboard of the site activity, monitoring hardware resources, and constitute a helpful tool of business intelligence.

    Technology : Pentaho – (Java, Db PostgreSQL, MySQL)
    Competitors (BI suites) : Talend +, SAP Business Object, SAS

  • Intranet HR BPCE : Employees management, Annual Interviews, Individual measures, …
  • BPCE - Annual Interview
    Intranet HR application for BPCE bank (Banque Populaire – Caisse d’Epargne), to manage annual interviews, annual increases, Bonus envelopes, data about employees in the French bank,

    Technology : PHP Drupal

  • SAGE e-commerce : E-Business
  • Sage e-commerce

    Sage e-commerce Desktop

    Sage e-commerce : 2002 – 2009

    Sage e-commerce create electronic stores and publish catalogs on the Web : with this tools, you can create your own web site in a few minutes, by publishing items contained in your SAGE Accounting System, and sell items all over the world, or just to your referenced customers.
    Ex :

    Technology : Microsoft .NET C# – ASP.NET 2.0
    Competitors : Oxatis, oscommerce, Magento, IsoTools, PowerBoutique, CyberShop, Web1pact

    SAGE e-commerce Designer : Html Design

    SAGE Designer

    Sage e-commerce Designer

    Sage Designer, a designer tool for web pages, able to edit the “looks and feel” of web interfaces built with SAGE SGX technology. Available for Sage e-commerce, it’s the software used to customized e-commerce web sites.

    Technology : Microsoft .NET C#

  • SAGE Direct : EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Sage Direct

    Sage direct Déclaration
    Sage Direct : this application provide a very simple way for Sage and Ciel customers, to send their specific electronic and accounting documents (VAT, TDFC, DUCS, DADSU) and to manage their banking transactions

    Technology : Microsoft .NET C#

  • : Social Network
  • SairEmLisboa : 2007
    SairEmLisboa, is a social web site. You can share visits, party, and other things with new people in the city, in a friendly community.

  • DocPlanning, an intranet website dedicated to share agendas, and appointements between cabinets (dentists, doctors and other professionals), and company of distant secretarial .

    Technology : PHP

  • : Database engine to search a job
  • : 2005, a job site specialized in realEstate domain

    Technology : Microsoft .NET C#

  • : CMS

    Paris is a city charged of history. presents the most famous monuments and places we can see in the capital, and show numerous pictures and illustrations.

    Technology : PHP /

  • : 2002 – 2010
    PremiereGalerie is a tool dedicated to Painters, Sculptors, to present their ArtWork on the Net. Il permet également aux artistes de gérer leurs propres expositions à l’aide d’outils d’administration.

    Technology : PHP

  • Plugin/Joomla – Tournaments management

    Technology : PHP /

  • Viewer GIS 32 (Geographic Information System)
  • Viewer SIG 32

    Viewer GIS32

    Viewer GIS 32 (Geographic Information System) is a geographic map viewer. It contains visualisation features equals to the bigger GIS softwares on the market, as MapInfo, Geoconcept or MacMap.

    Méthodes de ré-ingénierie des logiciels.
    (mémoire Maitrise – 2001)

    Technology : C / C++